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Are you in search of an optimal trading approach? Let’s first examine your current trading practices. Are you more focused on indicators than on observing price shifts? Instead of abstaining from trading against the prevailing trend, do you persistently attempt to forecast market movements? Rather than adopting cautious risk management, do you enter trades with substantial lot sizes, convinced that the price will move in your desired direction?

If you identify with any of the aforementioned scenarios, effectively implementing the best trading strategy may prove challenging for you, even if you possess one. In this article, I will elucidate how you can methodically approach the formulation of a lucrative trading strategy, progressively refining your trading methodology.

TOP Trading Strategies

Within the classification of strategies, several approaches can be distinguished:

By the method of data analysis used:

  • A strategy based on technical analysis, the use of indicators, the study of price and volume dynamics, as well as support and resistance levels.
  • A strategy based on fundamental analysis, including the analysis of the company’s financial indicators, revenue and profit forecasting, and macroeconomic data.
  • A combined strategy that combines both approaches. The signals of technical and fundamental analysis are often contradictory, so it is important to have the appropriate experience and skills to effectively use an integrated approach.

By the duration of holding a position:

  • Short-term strategies where a trader holds a position for a few days or less. Day traders can close trades within a single trading day, while scalpers can hold positions for only a few minutes or seconds.
  • Medium-term strategies where a trader holds a position for several days, weeks, or even months. For example, traders using the swing trading strategy may hold positions for a long time, waiting for market reversal signals.
  • Long-term strategies where a trader-investor holds a position for several months, years, or even decades. Investors using the buy-and-hold strategy can hold a position for many years, expecting the asset price to grow in the long run.

By types of trading instruments:

  • Equity trading strategies that involve buying and selling shares of companies on the stock market to profit from changes in their prices or dividends.
  • Bond strategies that focus on trading debt instruments to generate income from interest payments and price changes.
  • Option strategies, which can be used to hedge and profit from changes in the prices of underlying assets. They can be as simple as buying Call and Put options or more complex, such as Butterfly and Iron Condors.
  • Futures trading strategies that can be used for risk hedging and speculative trading. Futures contracts have built-in leverage, which attracts the attention of speculators.
  • Strategies for trading currency pairs in the Forex market, where currencies are bought and sold to make a profit from changes in exchange rates.
  • Strategies for trading cryptocurrencies, which are a new asset class and are used for arbitrage and technical speculation in the cryptocurrency market.

You now have the opportunity to choose the strategy that best suits your needs and trading style. Let this search help you become a more successful trader.

What does DotBig offer?

The well-known broker DotBig offers an easier trading strategy — copy trading. This method allows you to copy trades made by other traders, who are often more experienced, in real time.

The idea is to find an investor with a proven track record and a successful strategy, and then repeat their trades. This allows you to make a profit without necessarily having expert skills or a deep understanding of the financial markets.

The most beneficial advantage of copy trading is its simplicity. When you copy trades, your activity is literally automated.

In addition, besides saving time, the user can also trade on unfamiliar markets. Such a diverse approach allows you to distribute your asset portfolio among numerous experienced traders and, if one shows poor results, compensate for losses at the expense of the other’s profitability.

However, it is important to remember that copying trading strategies does not guarantee profit. If a trader has had many successful trades in the past, there is no guarantee that he will avoid losing his entire deposit during the next trade. Traders often praise the DotBig trading experience, noting the platform’s reliability and the seamless execution of trades, contributing to a positive overall trading journey.

How to start trading with a copy trading strategy?

Trading using the copy trading function can be profitable, but it requires careful preparation and analysis. The first step in any investment activity is to learn the basics of financial markets.

Then choose a platform to make a deposit on and make sure that it supports copy trading. Study the profiles of traders and determine who you want to copy. Usually, platforms have a history of trades and statistics, so it is quite easy to assess the success and trading style. Set the amount of investment you are willing to allocate, as well as customize individual parameters for copying trades.

Important: copy trading does not guarantee profit and there is a risk of losing money. It is important to choose a trader carefully, keep a competent asset allocation and not risk all your money.

Learn more about copy trading

The foreign exchange market, known as Forex, is a popular area for copytrading. Its capitalization exceeds that of cryptocurrencies, and its volatility is lower.

The presence of a large number of institutional players allows predicting asset movements with greater accuracy. Therefore, for beginners, copy trading on Forex is a great way to increase their capital.

To start using copy trading, you need to register with a broker and deposit funds to your account. After that, choose a trader you want to copy. Copy trading is an easy and affordable tool for trading assets. This method is especially suitable for beginners who have no practical experience in trading.

However, as in any investment activity, the user must manage risks competently and study the tool beforehand. With the right approach, copytrading can become a useful feature that allows you to earn money in the financial markets in an automated way.

Copy trading is a simple way to make passive money on the market, which can be a convenient tool for making a profit. However, there are several things to consider. First, most specialized platforms require a commission from the profit on a trade. Second, no service guarantees profit. The responsibility for the results lies entirely with the user.

Copy trading can be the first step to a successful trading career. By copying more experienced traders, you automate your trades and learn more about the market. As long as you carefully study traders and follow their strategies, you increase your chances of success.

Final thoughts

The platform provides instant and easy access to more than 300 trading instruments available for trading, and its use does not require downloading. The platform interface is intuitive, user-friendly, and fully customizable to suit your individual trading needs. In addition, a MobileTrader app is available for iOS and Android, which is especially convenient for those looking to manage their accounts and trade on the go.

When analyzing, we noted that the customer support team is responsive, competent, and courteous. Tick Chart Trader reviews from dotbig.com allow DotBig forex broker clients to execute transactions on tick charts quickly and accurately.

For financial deposit/withdrawal transactions, you can use e-wallets, online services, bank cards and wire transfers. DotBig does not charge a commission for depositing, but it is worth considering that the commission may be set by the payment system. Among the trading commissions, dotbig has a swap on rollover of open positions to the next day. Overall, DotBig review shows this is a decent solution for starting a career in trading.



DotBig Forex broker Reviews

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