What investors should know about Celsius — review by DotBig

What investors should know about Celsius — review by DotBig

Key advantages and disadvantages of Celsius for investors

To understand why people might be interested in making investments in this project, let’s consider what benefits the ones who work with it can get:

  • The platform offers its own loyalty crypto token traded under the CEL ticker symbol. This also is applied as the major means of making exchanges there. Users can join any level of the loyalty program and get weekly rewards in the CEL coins.
  • Celsius has developed a very user-friendly and efficient payment service — CelPay. It has all the capabilities to become an equal alternative to PayPal. CelPay is almost an independent product that provides its services even to those users who don’t have accounts in Celsius Wallet.
  • Unlike other popular DeFi networks, such as Ethereum, for example, the Celsius network charges no fees at all.
  • Celsius is a decentralized platform but it doesn’t an independent crypto exchange. It doesn’t offer crypto trading services, which cuts down the number of its actual functional features.
  • The CEL token is not available for US residents. Thus, these users can’t count on a huge number of Celsius perks.
  • Over the year, the Celsius crypto price has been declining. Experts forecast that the CEL coin might lose most of its value by the end of 2022.

Making money with Celsius

The simplest way to make money with Celsius is to buy and hold the CEL coins expecting that their price will grow and you’ll be able to sell them under profitable conditions. However, when buying digital currencies, keep in mind that the market might be highly volatile. Besides, the predictions of experts, specifically for the CEL coin, aren’t optimistic.


There are controversial thoughts regarding the Celsius crypto platform. On the one hand, it’s quite a safe option for making passive income through bonus rewards. On the other hand, it takes very strict control over your account and doesn’t offer trading services.



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