DotBig: Tron Price Prediction

Tron Price Prediction

Introduction to TRX

Tron is one of the biggest and the most mainstream blockchains in 2022. It was started by Justin Sun. He has remained in the position of the chief officer of the company until 2021.

The reasons to go bullish in 2022?

As mentioned before, Tron surprised many during the declining period, as it was one of the few products that didn’t drop much in value. Such stability of the product attracts investors. What are the other reasons to buy Terra in 2022?

  • It isn’t something newly created — it has been on the market for several years. These years were rather successful for the project. The proven track record of the cryptocurrency is a good indicator for potential investors.
  • Tron is the biggest crypto in terms of the amount of money deposited on its blockchain.
Tron exchange rate for August 2022

Final thought

We would like to conclude that with any crypto investment you should be careful because no one can predict exactly whether the story will repeat. However, if we talk about forecasts that rely on statistics and digits, we have positive news for you. According to the technical analysis, the average price of Tron in 2023 will be around $0.12. With such a strong performance, it can reach the average point of $0.24 in 2025.



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