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The most common question for novice investors is where to start investing, how to choose the instruments for creating an investment portfolio so as not to lose a deposit in the first weeks after the start? Asset selection is largely determined by your trading strategy. At the preparatory stage, you need to determine what financial result you expect to achieve, designate the amount of the initial deposit and the amount of monthly replenishment of the trading account.

Consider how much time you are willing to devote to finding new assets and managing deals, whether you are interested in short-term strategies or long-term investing. Record your answers to these questions in a notebook or spreadsheet. And to calculate the amount of investment capital for different schemes of replenishment and terms of deposits, use the calculator.

In general, experts recommend that you start investing with the purchase of instruments with a low degree of return and a minimal risk of losing your savings. It should also be remembered that by investing in several projects at the same time, you are guaranteed to make a profit from at least one of them. Portfolios of money investments, if you choose the right area for investment, can be quite profitable.

top assets to invest in 2023

What is the current situation in the investment market?

The stock market is currently in the late phase of its super cycle, the final part of which is usually marked by a pronounced exponential growth. This, of course, does not mean that the collapse will come tomorrow, but only indicates that the potential for future growth is limited and the inevitability of a significant revaluation of assets is becoming increasingly important. Consequently, the probabilities are biased against passive investment.

It is almost impossible to determine the moment of the global market reversal in advance, and a complex of factors will most likely become its catalyst. An important role will be played by excessive leverage in the financial system, a huge volume of derivatives, problems in the real sectors of the economy, and, of course, possible mistakes in the US Federal Reserve’s policy. Let’s find out the best stock investments in 2023.

What to invest in 2023? Choose best investments for 2023

Speaking clearly, there are many contenders for the free money of a private investor: these are banks, financial institutions, and ordinary stores, and even scammers. So, you need to carefully consider where to invest and what lies behind the process. There are several important areas in which it is worth investing and you can choose a few types of stock investments. Let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Stock market

The stock market is one of the forms of competition and a natural selection mechanism for the best companies. By improving the quality of products and reducing prices, enterprises compete in the commodity market. At this time, in the stock market, companies are fighting for the funds of investors. Without these funds, it will be much more difficult for them both in the labor market and in the market for their main products.

In the stock market, money is easier to get for those who run a more efficient and large-scale business. Daily stock trading provides a convenient and technologically advanced opportunity for buying and selling a business. In addition, the value of shares is a natural criterion for assessing the effectiveness of management and the success of the company as a whole.

It is worth considering the stock market as a mechanism that allows people to improve their standard of living and have protection in old age, exchanging their labor in the present for the labor of other people in the future. In addition, this is a good opportunity for a business to raise money for development and ensure competition among companies.

In the stock market, you can buy securities (stocks, bonds) and then sell them again in the same place after some time. In addition to income from exchange differences, the holder of securities may receive dividends (on shares) or coupon income (on bonds).

The disadvantages of this type of investment include the complexity and need for training, as well as the riskiness of investments, the pluses are potentially higher profitability, long-term and reliability of investments, as well as the ability to combine tools and build investment strategies.


Fuel historically constantly grows in price, therefore it is considered a promising investment and one of the anti-crisis tools for capital preservation.

But there are pluses and minuses in this area.

  • relatively stable growth in the long term
  • the ability to invest in real things that can be stored

The disadvantages include the following:

  • no passive income
  • chance to run into scammers
  • difficulty in proper storage

The main thing is that these investments are a reserve for a very distant future. Fuel, despite the general upward trend in prices, can fall in value for years. But its cost rises, only when the price of oil rises. To seriously invest money in fuel, you need the same analysis as for investing in stocks.


Digital currencies are rapidly gaining popularity — at the beginning of 2023, 4000+ cryptocurrencies are already listed on exchanges. Bitcoin remains the most famous and popular of them, experts predict its value to rise to the level of $100,000. But there are other options for investments — some tokens cost a few cents at the start, and after a certain time their quotes grow by hundreds of percent.

When choosing a cryptocurrency asset, you need to clearly separate trading and investing strategies. For investment purposes, the instrument is purchased for a long time — with this method, it is not necessary to constantly monitor changes in the quotes of the value of the selected cryptocurrency.

Trading allows you to earn both on an increase in the prices of a cryptocurrency asset, and when they decrease. Professional traders track price changes in order to open or close a trade at the right time. Cryptocurrency trading requires certain experience, psychological preparation and technical market analysis skills.

The best platform for trading cryptocurrencies is DotBig. Site users can earn money by buying and selling dozens of cryptocurrencies 24/7. The advantages of the service are high liquidity, minimal commissions, responsive technical support, safe storage of crypto assets. You should choose best crypto investments 2023.

But before you dwell on this investment option, you should understand that due to the high market volatility, investing in the purchase of cryptocurrencies carries considerable risks. Experts recommend allocating no more than 10% of investment capital for the purchase of such instruments. Cryptocurrency it’s the best investments for 2023 for beginners.


Some theorists write that you can start with any amount, even $100. But in practice, not everything is so simple and for a good start you need at least $ 1,000. But if you do not have such an amount, start building a financial reserve. This is the foundation of the basics. Set aside at least 10% of your salary. And in the near future, your money will already be able to work for you.

When you have the necessary financial reserve, try not to spend it right away. Remember that its purpose is completely different. It is very important to constantly control your expenses and live within your means!

When you decide that you are ready to invest, remember about high-yield investments. Today you can find some areas of investment that promise a quick high income. You can add a small part of such investments to your portfolio — it is important not to overdo it, because you can always both win and lose everything.

Don’t forget to check the information. You can’t invest in something you don’t understand. Before investing your money in any project, read the information about it, sort out all the data, and only then can you make a decision about its profitability. In general, it is better to invest money in those projects and ideas that you understand, so you can control the situation and make the right decisions.



DotBig Forex broker Reviews

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