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4 min readDec 16, 2022


The introduction of blockchain technology has contributed to the start of many innovations in the FinTech sector. Surprisingly, FinTech developers didn’t need a long time to achieve the heights they have today. They managed to come up with many solutions that can be easily used on a daily basis. Digital wallets are the best examples of such FinTech solutions.

The statistical data say that the total number of transactions within different crypto ecosystems is around 400,000. All these transactions would be impossible without crypto wallets. The diversity of the solutions is quite rich but if you are searching for an all-in-one application, you will need to take plenty of time. We would like to simplify this challenge for you by introducing the OWNR crypto wallet review.

The OWNR wallet is an innovation that has all the features to be called an entire digital ecosystem. Let’s learn more about this solution and discover whether it deserves the hype it has today among the community of crypto and FinTech enthusiasts.

OWNR crypto wallet


The history of this project dates back to 2018. This was the year when a team of dedicated people from Estonia founded a private enterprise based on their previous expertise in digital security solutions and the crypto sector. Over the course of time, their startup has grown into a large ecosystem that enables both crypto and fiat transactions. The solution continues growing.

In 2022, OWNR can be considered an entire brand that has enriched the original solutions with a number of FinTech features. The OWNR platform isn’t just a virtual wallet, but it’s a network that supports exchanging, purchases and sales of coins, individual OTC deals, Visa prepaid processing for both businesses and individuals, and more. The multi-functionality of the solution is one of the reasons it’s often referred to as the best crypto wallet.

Pros vs Cons


  • Self-custody. We have already heard about situations when the collapse of a decentralized ecosystem led to severe losses for coin holders. Hence, they are willing to prevent such situations. Experts say such collapses are prevented by non-custodial functionality. This is where the OWNR wallet comes into the picture. The OWNR wallet is a sustainable solution with more than 400,000 participants. It has already proven to be a sophisticated and reliable development for transactions in virtual coins.
  • The ability to buy crypto. The project appeals to such a wide audience thanks to its sophisticated functionality allowing purchases and sales of digital assets. Actually, it functions as a wholesome crypto exchange. Besides, here this feature is highly secure thanks to the crypto purchase API solution implemented.
  • More options are supported. The modern FinTech industry offers a lot of heavily protected top-notch solutions. However, many of the leading crypto wallets lack the diversity of supported cryptocurrencies. MetaMask, for example, allows transactions only in Ether and ERC-20-based tokens, which heavily limits your capabilities. OWNR, on the other hand, supports 10 cryptocurrencies, alongside coins based on TRC-20 and ERC-20.
  • Security. These are the priority features for any blockchain-based technology, no matter whether it’s a rich ecosystem or a simple wallet that allows only transactions in several virtual currencies. Luckily, the OWNR wallet doesn’t lack them. The OWNR wallet doesn’t record any information about its users.
  • OWNR wallet fees. Individuals pay a fixed fee of 4%+3 USD for every purchase, while businesses are charged a commission between 3–5%. What we like is that with the OWNR card and its customizable fee feature, users can obtain more control over additional charges. This feature is often used by businesses that pay their staff in crypto. You can find complete information about its peculiarities on the official website of the crypto ecosystem.


  • Anonymity. Complete anonymity is possible only for low-value crypto trades.
  • Supported Coins. Although the selection of coins supported by OWNR might be bigger compared to its competitors, it still can be increased.
  • Limitations of Certain Services. VISA prepaid processing is available for EU residents only.

How to Use the OWNR Wallet

The OWNR wallet has a very user-friendly design so it won’t be difficult to use it for the first time. Once you’ve completed the registration procedure, proceed with the following steps to make transactions:

  1. Choose the coin in which you want to transact.
  2. Enter the amount to send.
  3. Enter the address you want to send it to.
  4. Set up the fee by estimating the desired speed of the transaction.
  5. Confirm the transaction.


The OWNR ecosystem is still being developed, which might cause some confusion for you. Nevertheless, this wallet is an efficient tool for processing crypto transactions and making purchases of digital tokens. If it eliminated the mentioned disadvantages in the future, it will become the best wallet for crypto without any doubts.



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