DotBig: Polkadot Price Forecast

Polkadot Price Forecast

Introduction to DOT

The whitepaper was written in 2016 by Gavin Wood. As a creator of Polkadot, Wood wanted to develop a crypto project that would be able to mitigate the impact of the crypto technology’s risks.

Will the DOT price go up in 2022?

Over the passing 6 months, the DOT price went down from $22.6 to $8.4. Does it have any chance to recover its price by the end of 2022? Let’s consider the key conclusions of the DotBig analysts:

  • Some traders predict that over 12 following months the token will perform around a 50% price increase over the year and will reach the range of $13.
  • The technical analysis gives “buy” signals.
Polkadot exchange rate for August 2022

Final thought

As you see from our estimations, we think that DOT is a long-term investment. Considering its previous performance, we dare predict that 2023 will be the year when DOT will start gaining value. The most outrageous expectations say that in 2025 it might grow up to $30 and in 2030 the value might exceed $200! So follow the news not to miss the momentum. Subscribe here and to other social networks of DotBig to stay tuned to all the insights from the world of cryptocurrencies.



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