DotBig guide: How to invest in NFT — online trading explained

Introduction to NFT for beginners

Non-fungible tokens are basically digitalized versions of items from the real world. When purchasing one, you become an owner of a unique thing, and this might be literally everything — from a painting to a piece of a video.

Step 1: Explore tokens

NFT projects are especially popular with collectors because many of these tokens are art items. There is also a significant number of NFTs that are represented in a form of in-game items players receive as a reward.

Step 2: Explore companies where to buy crypto

How to buy NFT? NFTs are bought with crypto, usually, with Ethereum. This means you have to find where to buy some digital assets. There are two options:

  1. Broker — a company that acts as a middleman.

Step 3: Explore a platform to sell tokens

When you own Ethereum, you can finally access a platform and purchase NFT. Platforms that list NFTs are called marketplaces. Before you sign up at any of them, you have to open a crypto wallet and make sure it corresponds to the requirements of the certain platform.

  • Larva Labs
  • Rarible
DotBig guide: How to invest in NFT — online trading explained

How to choose the best NFTs?

You just need to find a prospective project. VeeFriends NFT collection is one of them. It contains over 10,000 tokens and the average sale price of NFT as of the 13th of April is $50,700. On the 13th of February, this price was $36,408. The price increased by 39%, which means, potentially, you could have earned around $1,400 from a $1,000 investment made at the beginning of 2022.



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