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BNB Price Prediction

Introduction to BNB

In July 2017, 50% of its BNB ICO was available for public sale. In the beginning, BNB was valued at 15 cents. Its creators earned 15 million USD from public sales of the newly created token.

Will Binance Coin Price Go Up in 2022?

Many big cryptocurrencies start recovering after the market crash in May-June. BNB is one of them. As of the date of writing this post, BNB is valued at $304. Experts believe that the current performance of the digital asset is a good indicator for its investors. Here are the key takeaways from its price forecast:

  • Holders of BNB might be concerned about the future of the coin because of the investigation initiated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. However, experts argue that this might have a big influence on this digital asset. They’ve seen how SEC initiated lawsuits against Ripple. The probability of monetary penalties charged for Binance is the highest possible risk so far.
  • One more concern of BNB investors is that Binance is facing regulatory issues, initiated by several authorities around the world. Since the price of BNB is closely related to the reputation and sustainability of the exchange, issues with authorities might have negative consequences.
BNB’s course in July 2022

Final Thought

When considering cryptocurrency price predictions, bear in mind that they can never be 100% accurate. The crypto market is too volatile. The most optimistic experts won’t guarantee you that their forecasts are true. Any cryptocurrencies might fall at any time. Make sure to consider every investment.



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