Best NFT games to make money on 2022 — review from DotBig

Why players decide to invest crypto in NFT games — explanation from DotBig

The NFT market is very profitable for many people who earn thousands of dollars by trading NFTs. Moreover, this industry has good prospects, especially in gaming. NFT isn’t completely integrated into gaming yet and everyone can enter this market in 2022 and start making good money by investing in crypto tokens of NFT games.

  • players might literary possess in-game things
  • tokens might be traded or exchanged for free
  • bought tokens belong to their owners and cannot be taken by anyone, including developers

Best NFT Games to play in 2022

NFT games became popular in the 2021 midyear. This is the list of top-5 games from DotBig:

Anxie Infinity (AXS) +13,235% = +$132,350
Decentraland (MANA)

How to use crypto coins in NFT games + comparison of tokens

How to use tokens? Basically, there are 3 major ways you can operate your crypto tokens in NFT games:

  1. Sell or exchange them to other users on special platforms.
  2. Use coins to buy special in-game assets such as skins, swards, etc.
Why players decide to invest crypto in NFT games — explanation from DotBig



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DotBig Forex broker Reviews

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